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In 2015 Zeke Maamouri-Cortez and Petra Töchterle opened Riverside-Gastropub in Percha, Italy with the mission to serve American-style food paired with craft beer. Three years later, their dream of adding a brewery to the restaurant became reality with the addition of Finix Brewing Company.
Zeke’s interest in brewing started on a stove top in rural Maine (USA) where he grew up and continued throughout high school where a glass carboy was stashed beside his bed, where malt beverages and cider could ferment in secrecy.
After moving to Italy in late 2006, home-brewing was put on the back burner not having the resources, equipment, or space to brew. Several years later, after finding space and buying ingredients from a local brewery, he was ready to start brewing beer again. This time it wasn’t going to be “stovetop”, instead of on a custom-built, self-welded, brew system down in the basement. It was in one of these operations that Petra was first introduced to brewing and bottling of small batch craft beer, eventually leading to her love of “hoppy” American brews and having an important role in everyday operations at Finix Brewing Co.

Staying true to American traditions, a one car garage was renovated to house a microbrewery and canning line, where Finix Brewing Company’s American style craft beer is handmade using premium malts and hops

We welcome you to stop by the brewery and restaurant to grab a beer and a bite to eat.  Between the remarkable location, delicious food, and exquisite craft brews, your visit is sure to be worthwhile.  We can also be contacted by email.


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